Purpose of Evangelism Exchange:

In the book Evangelism Ellen. White gives the following counsel “New Life in Old Methods—Men are needed who pray to God for wisdom, and who, under the guidance of God, can put new life into the old methods of labor and can invent new plans and new methods of awakening the interest of church members and reaching the men and women of the world.—Manuscript 117, 1907. {Ev 105.3}

It is based upon this counsel that GYC Atlantic is establishing the Evangelism Exchange. On this page we will share ideas submitted to GYC Atlantic that can be useful in reaching people everywhere. Whether the idea is giving out cupcakes while filling out a survey, reaching your co-worker with prophecy, literature evangelism, cooking schools, family seminars, going door to door and getting prayer request, or going to street fairs to meet the community we hope to make all these available. I believe we all recognize that it is getting harder to reach the world with this end time message, and by sharing you can help your brethren in rural Maine or New York City. Each idea will be reviewed by the Evangelism team, and subject to GYC Atlantic Board approval.

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