Bryant Sylvester (President):

Bryant Sylvester is a Music Educator at a private school in Brighton Ma.
After he completed his training at (S.T.R.I.D.E.) The Student Training and Resource Institute for
Discipleship Evangelism based in Cambridge, MA. Then he was called to serve as the director of Spiritual
Life at TRACTION. Traction is a program designed to equip young men and women to be godly finically
independent leaders. He is currently serving as the President of Generation of Youth for Christ Atlantic
(GYCA). Above all, he aspires to make his life a powerful argument in favor of the gospel.


Yaa Asare (Secretary):

Yaa Asare is Physician Assistant who currently resides in New York City and works at the Lenox Hospital. She currently attends the North Bronx Ghana Seventh church where she is an integral member of the Call to Serve Ministry. Yaa has a passion for winning souls for christ and introducing souls to the everlasting gospel through bible studies and community service. She is currently serving as the secretary of GYC Atlantic and is joyous and humbled in serving in this capacity. Yaa is grateful to be part of an organization that seeks to mobilize an army of youth to proclaim the everlasting gospel.

Stanley Okaine (V.P. Evangelism) :

Stanley Okaine is a Reimbursement Analyst at Byram Healthcare. He
was born and raised a Seventh-day Adventist. He gave his life to the Lord at the age of 16 in 2004 after
preaching a prophecy seminar series. He continued to serve the Lord in the Co-op City S.D.A church in
the Bronx as a lay worker, and would later go on to serve the Lord as the President of the New Life S.D.A
Youth ministry on the SUNY- Albany Campus. Brother Okaine has been in active ministry for 11 years,
and enjoys Bible study along with door to door outreach. He currently attends the Pearl River S.D.A
church in upstate New York, where he serves as Sabbath School Superintendent, and Personal ministry
leader. His greatest desire is to see everyone ready for the coming of Jesus.

Jorge Cruz (V.P. Logistics):

Jorge Cruz, 26-year-old, business owner out in Hartford, CT. Being born into
the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jorge found true conversion during his time in college after
investigating the claims of faith he grew up in. After his experience, he is now passionate to work and to
see that Christ’s Remnant church go forward and fulfill the Master’s purpose for His Church. As a lay
worker, he is currently working as a director in a church plant and is serving as elder in his local church.
Jorge enjoys teaching the Bible with a particular approach for young people and the skeptical minded.